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Historic Wagon Train On the Oregon trail.

Hitch a ride on the Evening Three Hour Historic Covered Wagon Train Trek and Dutch Oven Dinner Cook Out. 


Dutch Oven Dinner Cook Out Prices:

Adult $135.00

Child $115.00 (10 yrs. and under)

Pony Express Horse Rider $185.00

We charge a 3.5 % card fee.

Please call to book and you can send a check if you like. 

Experience the true spirit of the trail as you spend the evening on this inspiring wild west dinner adventure! Travel aboard our Covered Wagons or ride Horseback on the actual historic trails just like the pioneer, 49er, Pony Express Rider and others! Feel yourself swallowed up by the 4 to 6 ft. deep ruts carved out by 500,000 westward travelers and feel the exhilaration, just as they did, as you descend Rough Lock Hill. This journey is a window into the incredible story of these pioneers and the struggles they faced. The Platte River comes into view and your destination can be seen in the distance… the Indian Tepee Village where you will have a delicious Dutch Oven Dinner and our delicious “Conestoga Cobbler.” Feast on history among the tepees and hear their stories as the sun follows its trail into the western sky…. and guides you on your own Wild West Adventure!

Your ride on the wagons and horses or mules about 1 1/2 hrs from camp and back to have a Dutch Oven cookout on the banks of the Platte River ,at our Tipi Village.

Meet us at The National Historic Trails Museum (Not affiliated witH.T.W.)

Parking Lot  (Not inside)

1501 N Poplar St, Casper, WY 82601 

Follow us to the Trailhead for your Historic Experience

1-307-266-4868 for Booking you Trek.

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