Five Day Historic Wagon Train and horse ride



Adult $1495.00 per person

Child $1,095.00(10 Yrs and under) per person
Five Day "Pony Express" Rider Pricing: Adult $1,795.00 per person

A trail of excitement, hope and challenge.

A trail of real life and death.

A trail of great achievement and disappointment.

A trail of the stories of those who traveled the trails.

The Trail of America and Her People

We head out for your Historic Trails West Wagon Train adventure from Casper, Wyoming.  On the drive past Split Rock, much of the highway follows the old trail systems.  You will see old Pony Express and Outpost sites and trail crossings as we wind through gorgeous mountains and cross through the high plains.  Along the way we will tour the famous Independence Rock where pioneers scratched their names into this famous landmark.

Day One: Your first day on the trail you learn how the pioneers prepared for the journey, what foods and supplies they packed, the animals they used, how to harness the teams to the wagon and more!  Following along on your trail map, you will become absorbed into the intimate details of the trail as you travel in the footsteps of the Homesteader, the Mormons, the 49ers, and even the Natives of the west!  
Just like the pioneers, you pitch in to set up camp and help unharness the animals. Learning how to put up your own tepee sleeping lodge is a treat!  As you settle in to life on the trail, enjoy a special evening with the trail cook learning secrets of Dutch Oven Cooking in preparation for the night's amazing dinner cooked over the open fire.


Day Two: Your second day on the trail, you learn about life on the trail, come to know the rules of a wagon train, watch for herds of antelope, hear tales of the mighty buffalo, and ford the 6th crossing of the Sweetwater River!
Traveling in the actual ruts of the original trails, we slowly wind our way through high plains and hills and arrive at our camp by Silver Creek.
You will  join the camp cook for a peek at the old trail foods and how they were prepared!  We eat a bit better than they would have but you will love the Dutch Oven and skillet cooked campfire cuisine dished up every night and morning!  The sun sets on the day as we settle around the crackling campfire for cobbler, and hear suspenseful stories of the old west.

Day Three:   After a hearty breakfast, we break and load up camp, hitch the teams, saddle the horses and continue our journey west.  This day, places written about in pioneer journal entries come into view.  We visit places of suffering for the Martin and Willie Handcart Companies and see the tailings of private gold mines that bring stories of the California Gold Rush to life.  We pull up in front of the old Pony Express Station at Radium Springs for lunch.  The whole way, we travel in the footsteps of famous mountain men like Jim Bridger and Bill Sublette as the majestic Wind River Mountains watch over us.
 Arriving in our camp for the night we set up and learn some of the skills needed to be a 49er, a mountain man, or a Settler!  Try your hand at shooting a black powder rifle, pan for gold, help the cook at the fire or some other life talent of the Old West!  Settle in to your lodge and, relax to the sound of the wind rustling through the cottonwood trees can you hear the far off sound of an Indian flute in the distance?  In the middle of the night you may hear the eternal song of the prairie sung by the yipping coyote as he welcomes you to his homeland.

Day Four : After another hearty breakfast and making all things ready to get on the trail, we head into the Old South Pass Area, which is an amazing treasure of old mines and historic buildings.  That evening we camp at the 9th crossing of the Sweetwater River. The site of the old South Pass Fort is near and we will visit un-named pioneer graves.  The Pony Express once made way through here. Where there is good water there are many stories. 
Around the fire we come to terms as to where we are in the journey, and how even the boundaries of the United States were different in that day. As we settle into the last night in our lodge, you realize how very close you are to the Old Oregon Country. Will you make it?  Only tomorrow will you know with the rising of the sun and heading out again on the trail.

Day 5: After 4 days on the trail making your way

across multiple river crossings and creeks through the wide open prairie and through foothills over Rocky Ridge, past places of tragedy and triumph, we finally make it to Oregon Country. 

You will have seen wildlife  

You will have passed pioneer graves. 

You will have traveled the  places of Natives of long ago. 

You will have changed in the journey.

You will take along with you memories in vivid detail, a new appreciation for many things both yesterday and today, a better understanding of how America became America, who the pioneers really were and why they tried to make the journey and who you now are, having been, on such an incredible journey into the past. 


On Historic Trails West Living History Wagon Train.

As a pony express rider you will ride along side the wagon and may switch off with who you choose.

We provide, sleeping bags (unless you are bringing your own), foam pads, air mattresses, or cots. Pricing includes individual meals.

Porta Johns are in support vehicle at each camp site and intersecting wagon train along the trail on some of the days. 

On the trips, where possible,you can use solar showers,if requested.

The route and campsites may change due to weather or other situations ,FOR THE SAFETY OF THE GUESTS AND ANIMALS.

Five Day Historic Wagon Train and horse ride Pricing:

Adult $1495.00 per person

Child $1,095.00(10 Yrs and under) per person
Five Day "Pony Express" Rider Pricing: Adult $1,795.00 per person

The route and campsites may change due to weather or other situations, FOR THE SAFETY OF THE GUESTS AND ANIMALS. 

The average elevation of  our camps on the 3- and 5-day treks are over 7,000 feet. Days can be hot and nights can be cool, weather can change in the blink of an eye.  The weather might change route of travel if storms make travel on trails impossible. For this reason,  "think in layers" of clothing.

 Items you should bring include:
Water bottle  Bring along electrolyte’s for your journey.  Filled Water Bottle
Light and Heavy Jackets, Long and Short Sleeved Shirts, Good hiking shoes, Extra Socks
Rain coats, Long Pants, Casual Shoes for in Camp, Hat, Bug Repellent
Camera with extra batteries, Flashlight, head lamp light, Granola/Trail Mix, Small first aid kit.
Everyone will set up camp and take down. Help with all chores.

1-307-266-4868 to Book, use online form or via email.  


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