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Historic Trails West Mills, Wyoming

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Historic Trails West Mills, Wyoming


Available May – October


 Things to do on your way to visit to Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Devils Tower Wyoming, Things to do on your way to the Black Hills of South Dakota or Things to do in Casper Wyoming on our Living History Museum Tours

You can, Boondock ,your RV at our  Trail  head ,RV Campground, while on treks with us. Things to do 

Call 1-307-266-4868 to Book your trek.  

Your visit is not complete without riding on the

Historic Trails West Living History Wagon Trains or Trail trek!

Ride our Historic Wagons or on horseback in the actual ruts of the Oregon, California, Mormon and Pony Express Trails.

Traveling the Old Historic Trails like the Pioneers is an Unparalleled Journey into America’s History…

On your ride in our Pioneer Covered Wagons, or on our Horses as Pony Express Riders you will experience their journey with every step. You will see the Old West surrounding you as they saw it… you will hear the sounds of creaking leather harness and the crushing weight of the wagon’s wheel on the sandy trail…you will smell the warm scent of sage on the wind… and then, you will truly “know” what it was like to be there.

Where you and the wild west become one.


Drift off to sleep on the banks of the Platte River, in Indian Tepees or covered wagons, on the Overnight trek where you might hear, the song  of the coyote , which often serenades us to sleep and brings with it the spirit of the trails.


The covered wagon is a symbol of the westward expansion of the United States. In the 1800,’s, 500,000 pioneers loaded up wagons with all they could carry and headed west in search of the American Dream.  These pioneers came from all over the world to settle in a new land, later to become these United States.



Our Historic Wagons and Horse Treks are perfect for all ages. We welcome families and reunion groups, home school or public school field trips, Motor coach tours and corporate events, weddings, birthdays and anniversaries.


Our Wagons can accommodate up to 60 people, or as few as two!

Trips Scheduled 7 Days a Week!


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