Now Booking For 2017 Solar Eclipse Wagon Train! One day and Overnight.

Come join us, Monday, August 21, 2017 for a once in a lifetime Solar eclipse experience! Whether you are just looking for a good place in the wide open range to view, or are looking for an overnight get away, we have options to fit your needs! Special large group rates available. Our Solar Eclipse Wagon Train is a One day and Overnight trek. We meet you at 5 pm on 8/20. We take you out on the historic trails, with stories of the old west and into our Indian Tipi village for a Dutch oven cook out. You spend the night in the Trail Tipis and Tents. We have breakfast and go back out onto the trails. You can ride on the wagons and or walk out onto the trails for your, exciting eclipse experience. We then have lunch and then go back to trail head on the wagons. Call us for reservations, email

Our Historic Wagon Treks are perfect for all ages. We welcome Families, Corporate Groups, school field trips, and Motor coach Tours. Our Wagons can accommodate up to 60 people, or as few as two! Click here to check out our various treks and rates!

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Trips Scheduled 7 Days a Week!

Ride in our authentic Covered Wagons! Our wagons traveled the entire 2600 miles of the Oregon Trail in 1993, from Independence, Missouri to Astoria, Oregon. Then, in 1999, we added even more mileage going the entire 2500 mile California Trail in for the California Trail Sesquecentennial. Featured in the Washington Post

  • We love big groups! We can easily accommodate large tour and school groups.

Come Ride Our Authentic Wooden Wheeled Covered Wagons On a Wagon Train Adventure!

Make your friends back home jealous! Travel in the actual footsteps of the pioneers while riding in our authentic Covered wagons! Make sure to bring your camera to capture the amazing sights and prairie wildlife (pronghorn, , cottontails, hawks, and more!) right from the wagon. This trip is something truly special that you, your friends, and your family will never forget. Imagine your first time sleeping in an Indian lodge, or relaxing around the campfire, listening to the coyotes yip and howl while your western meal is being prepared in a Dutch oven, just the way the pioneers did it over 150 years ago! We offer a two-hour morning or afternoon adventure, four hour treks with either lunch or dinner, overnight treks with Dutch Oven cook out and a scrumptious skillet breakfast and hot coffee off the fire (or cocoa for the little pioneers)! We also offer three- and five-day treks for the more adventurous spirits.We travel on the actual Oregon, California and Pony Express Trails.

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