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Ride the Historic Trails West Wagons that have traveled the entire Oregon Trail, in 1993, 2600 miles from Independence Missouri to Astoria Oregon, and the entire California Trail in 1999, 2500 miles from St Charles Missouri to Sacramento California.

The Educational and Cultural experiences on the Historic Trails Covered Wagon Trains
Come and ride with us on the 2 hour (approx 2 hrs) or 4 hour (approx 3-4 hrs)  Historic Wagon Train and you will hear stories about the History of the area, stories of Explorers, the Mountain Men and the life of the pioneers as they traveled in wagon trains across the west. We talk about the Oregon trail, California Trail, the Pony Express and about the early American Indians of the area. On the 4 hour and overnight Historic Wagon Trains you will feast on a meal prepared in Dutch ovens just as it was in early times. On the overnight Wagon Train you have the experience of sleeping in Indian Lodges!. Ride in the Wagons or horseback trail rides along side as we travel back in time.

Our Historic Wagon Treks are perfect for all ages, and we welcome Family’s, Corporate Groups, school field trips, Motor coach Tours. Our Wagons will accommodate 60 people. Reserve your Historic Wagon Train and or Horseback ride for this exciting adventure!






Ride Historic Authentic Wooden Wheel Wagons on Our Living History Wagon Trains!

Come ride on Historic Covered Wagons to the Top of the World! Here you will be surrounded by majestic Mountain  Peaks, . See the wild Rams Horn Peaks and the exceptional view of mountain peaks and valleys as we go along the the trail. This exciting wild west journey is located just 64 miles from the South entrance to Yellowstone Park and 12 miles west of Dubois, Wyoming. A Historic Trails West representative will meet you at the Outlaw Cabin. (see map). You will ride the trails to the top of the world and have your picture taken under the peaks. You then ride to Indian Village where we will have presentations on the American Indians  the Arapahoe, Blackfoot, Comanche, Crow, Nez Perce, Northern Cheyenne, Sioux tribes and The Sheep Eaters who used the Shoshone for traditional cultural practices and subsistence living. You will have the opportunity to have the experience of sleeping in an Indian Lodge. We will have presentations of the History of the area and the stories of Explorers, and the discovery of Yellowstone by the Mountain Men. We talk about  history of the Historic Trails with talks of The Robert Stuart's Party that discovered Union Pass and went on to write about the route that became the Oregon, California and Pony Express trails. We will talks about the animals, the land and the wagon trains that traveled across the west.



Ride Historic Wagons that have traveled the entire Oregon Trail 150th year, 1993, Missouri to Oregon 2600 miles and the California Trail 150th year, 1999, 2500 miles.

Travel along the actual footsteps of the pioneers. While riding in our authentic Prairie Schooner wagons! We have a trail trek to suit everyone, from a two-hour afternoon adventure to a full-blown cattle drive! The food is great, this trip will be one that you, your friends and family will never forget. Imagine the first time sleeping in an Indian lodge—or relaxing around the campfire while your western meal is being prepared by a Dutch oven. We have a trail trek to suit everyone—from a two-hour afternoon adventure to a full-blown cattle drive! The food is great and you, your friends and your family will never forget this once in a lifetime adventure. Imagine the first time sleeping in an Indian lodge—or relaxing around the campfire while your hearty Dutch oven western meal is prepared.

The horses are nickering and your knowledgeable host entertains with a factual and interesting history of the pioneer trail. The beautiful Platte river rolls along by the campsite and a blanket of stars overhead reminds everyone that this is why it's called living history, for this is surely living!

You'll be saying to your family — "Let's go West on a Historic Wagon Train Trek!"

Hear the stories of the Mountain Men, Indians, Wagon Trains, Pony Express, Army Battles— Ride past grave sites, monuments and trail markers. Meet us at Fort Casper or The National Historic Trails Interpretive Center and then follow us out to the wagons and horses on the Trails.



Call for reservations 307-266-4868.
Times to meet:

  • 2 hour Living History Morning Wagon Train, Call for reservations 307-266-4868.

  • 2 hour Living History Afternoon Wagon Train, Call for reservations 307-266-4868.

  • 4 hour Living History lunch Wagon Train 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Call for reservations 307-266-4868.

  • 4 Hour Living History Dutch Oven Cookout Wagon Train, May, September and October 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

  • 4 Hour living History Dutch oven Cookout Wagon Train, June, July August 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm

  • 1 Day Living History Wagon Trains, Meet at 10:00 am

  • Overnight Living History Wagon Trains, May, September and October Meet at 4:00 pm

  • Overnight Living History Wagon Trains, June, July, August, Meet at 5:00 pm

  • Meeting times for 3 and 5 day Treks are arranged with the parties going


Authentic Conestoga Wagons, Prarie Scooner, Western vacation, Indian Lodge, Historic Trails West, Casper Wyoming

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Permitted by the Shoshone National Forest Service and Private Land Owners

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